WELCOME to Freedom River Church! We’re so glad you stopped by, so let us introduce ourselves!

Our church family is a non-denominational body of Believers committed to working together, living by our faith in God, and pursuing all He has for us – no matter what. Take your time browsing through our pages; and, if you decide to visit us, HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT when you walk through our doors!


There are people from all walks of life among us: different races – different socio-economic groups – various spiritual backgrounds – all joined together to praise the One that created us all.


Everyone who enters our doors is welcomed with love and acceptance, and they usually leave feeling the same way. Our mindset is: we’re in this together, so we ought to act like it, right?


Folks come in with all sorts of things on their mind, aches in their body, issues in their life. This time of prayer is a purposeful way we choose to begin each service. It’s an opportunity to wipe the slate and the mind clean, to lay our burdens and concerns before the Lord, and get our spirit prepared to receive all that God has for us that day.


Our time of worship begins with the blowing of a shofar –  a musical instrument traditionally made from a ram’s horn that is used by the Jewish people for a variety of reasons. We use it as a reminder to our enemy of his defeat, a shout of WELCOME! to the Lord, and a call to worship for our church.


Once the shofar is blown, our band leads us in praise and worship. This time together is meant to remind us all of God’s power and love and draw every person there into a place of genuine worship – no hype – no judgment – no manipulation – just passionate, heartfelt worship.


Our pastor consistently delivers a message week after week that hits us smack dab in the place God’s prepared for it. It’s a message that is always relevant to everyday life and wrapped in the wisdom that over 30 years of ministry can give it.

It is our prayer that every person who comes will leave a changed person, a challenged Believer, an encouraged warrior for the kingdom of God!